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Trends To Look Out For at New Casinos 2017

In 2016 the online gaming market soared to the point that by the end of 2017, it’s expected that the value of the sector will have more than doubled in less than a decade. One of the biggest contributing factors to the exponential rise of online and mobile casinos is the fact that software developers are constantly creating innovative new products.

In the past year we’ve seen hundreds of new casinos launch, new bonuses being offered and huge advances in the games themselves. With the market continuing to evolve, we’re looking at some of the biggest trends we can expect to see in with new casinos 2017.

Mobile Casino Gaming Will Continue to Grow

Mobile casinos are now more popular than ever before, and this is a trend that we can expect to continue into 2017. Mobile casinos offer players the ability to play their favourite games from wherever they are, whether that’s during the commute to work or from the comfort of their own sofa. Over 90% of online casinos are now mobile compatible, which means they allow players to log in to the site via their mobile browser.

In 2017, however, casinos will focus more on offering players dedicated apps for playing specific games. This is great news for users as t means you can reach your favourite slot at the tap of a finger. In addition, dedicated apps will come with in-play payment systems, meaning you can fund your account and withdraw straight from your phone.

New casino sites 2017

Offline Gaming

One of the biggest annoyances for mobile players is the loss of wifi or 3G coverage. It interrupts the game, could cause you to lose money, and simply breaks your concentration. In 2017, however, we’ll see more and more online casinos offering the possibility to play offline. This comes hand in hand with the standalone apps mentioned above.

As you’ll be able to download specific games, your game activity will be stored in the app’s memory, meaning that a disconnection will be significantly less of an inconvenience. In addition, as 4G coverage expands throughout the globe, those who play online will be able to benefit from a faster and higher quality gaming experience.

More Emphasis on Free Bonuses

As players, we’re always on the hunt for the casinos that offer the best free bonuses. Casino developers know this, and so we’ll see more and more no deposit bonuses being offering in 2017. No deposit bonuses work well as they let players test out games before committing to the site.

They are great for the casino too, as it helps to keep players coming back to their site. As the market grows more and more competitive, players who are looking for free bonuses will be in luck, as sites try to compete for players’ loyalty.

The Rise of Bitcoin

Whilst Bitcoin has been around for awhile now, 2017 could be the year it enters the mainstream. It offers players a better deal than with traditional forms of payment, and ensures their payments are kept safe. In order to keep up with modern technology, more and more online casinos are accepting the currency, whilst some new sites are marketing themselves specifically as ‘bitcoin casinos’.