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The modern concept – a pay by phone casino

The pay by phone casino is a fairly modern concept and the payment method has increased in popularity over the last few years.

This is due to a number of factors including the rise in the mobile gaming industry and players becoming more aware of the threat of cybercrime. Pay by phone offers customers an alternative to depositing with debit and credit cards. Many will argue the advantages of pay by phone as a payment method and it allows for players to make safe and secure deposits.
Pay by phone is accepted on many modern online casinos and the pay by phone method is a term used to describe a merchant or service provider that allows you to make a deposit to a casino by having the balance added to your phone bill. This can be your landline or mobile phone bill and it really depends on what merchant or service that you choose. This is all well and good but is it really safe to pay by phone on a casino?

Is it Safe to use Pay by Phone?

Many will argue about the benefits of pay by phone as a payment method in contrast to more traditional methods such as debit or credit cards. There are definitely advantages to using the service and in terms of safety, it could be argued that pay by phone is safer than most other deposit methods. This is essentially due to the fact that most of the time, only a phone number is required to process the payment.
This means that there is increased security in using pay by phone because there isn’t any need to enter a lot of personal details. Pay by phone services do not require debit or credit card details as well as email addresses and other personal data. This makes the process pretty safe as there is no risk of personal details being compromised as they are not required for the pay by phone service.
Additionally, services such as Boku offer a mobile pay by phone service and this is also great for security as entering your card details in public can be risky if you are not careful. Basically, our main point is that while it is not completely full proof, using the service is a safer option for casino players that want to make instant deposits.

Additional Info on Pay by Phone

The service isn’t full proof for the security and no payment method truly is so bare this in mind before choosing it. Also, not all casinos accept pay by phone merchants although most online casinos do have at least one. Different services offer different features with merchants such as Boku focussing on providing pay by phone services for the mobile gaming market.
Players will have their deposit instantly and the money owed will be added to the players existing phone bill. Overall, it is a really great method and will suit some player more than others. Remember to select a casino that accepts the service as a deposit method if you want to use it.