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Playing Online Roulette Games at Top Casino Sites

Before the rise of iGaming, Roulette remained a popular favourite at land-based casinos. Nowadays, you’ll almost always find online Roulette games at your favourite casino sites. This classic table game has three notable online varieties that each offer slightly different gaming rules. Other than the popular game of Blackjack, online Roulette games are probably the easiest casino games to start playing. If you’re keen to test out the different online Roulette games on offer, make sure to read our quick guide, which provides you with all the important information you need to start playing online Roulette games today.

Different Roulette Games You Can Play at Online Casino Sites

As we briefly mentioned above, online Roulette games can usually be split into three main varieties. These include American, French and European Roulette. If you’re unfamiliar with the word ‘Roulette’, it actually comes from French and means ‘little wheel’. For many players the most iconic aspect of the game is the Roulette wheel, so the name is extremely fitting.
When it comes to the different online Roulette games on offer at online casino sites, there are subtle differences in the wheel between the European/French and American Roulette variants. With both European and French Roulette, the Roulette wheel has 37 positions and a single zero. The American Roulette variant is a little different as this variety has 38 positions and includes a double zero.

In the French variation of online Roulette, the wheel layout is the same as the European version but comes with a couple of additional rules for you to learn, namely the En Prison and La Partage rules. You’ll be pleased to hear that these extra rules actually work in favour of the player. In online Roulette games offering El Partage and En Prison bets, these bets apply when you place an outside bet on high/low, evens/odds red/black and the Roulette ball lands on the zero position. You will then be given the opportunity to spin the Roulette wheel again, instead of simply losing as you would in other online Roulette games.

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Playing Roulette Games Online

One of the main reasons online Roulette games are so popular is because of how easy they are to play. Unlike other casino classics like Poker, there’s no need to worry about memorising a tonne of rules before you start playing. In most online Roulette games, you’ll generally be shown both the paytable and the Roulette wheel at all times. To start playing the game, all players need to do is choose the size of your bet and then where you would like to place it on the paytable.

Fortune Frenzy presents online Roulette games, and if you’re new to the main aim of this game is to correctly guess where the Roulette ball will land on the wheel. The paytable for this casino classic has both inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets cover bets placed on individual pockets on the Roulette wheel. If you select one of these numbers, it’s commonly referred to as a straight up bet. The outer section of the table is made up of a number of different betting options, including 1 to 12, black/red and odd/evens. Outside bets give you a better chance of winning, so the payouts for these tend to be lower than the payouts for a winning inside bet.

To place your bet, all you need to do is select your preferred chip size and then click to confirm your bet. You can then place your chips on the paytable. All that’s left to do now is spin the Roulette wheel!