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How to Play Mobile Slots

Are you a beginner when it comes to playing mobile slots and have no idea where to begin? Everyone has to start somewhere and this is also true when it comes to mobile slots! Over the years, they have grown immensely in popularity and there are now hundreds of games to choose from when you enter a mobile slots lobby, so how do you know which one to go for and how to play them? Well, we have all the information that you need listed below! Read More

Online Bingo

Traditional vs Mobile Bingo UK Sites

In the modern age, online bingo players have more options than ever before and over the last couple of years, mobile gaming has overtaken traditional desktop or console based gaming. This is big news and really emphasises how powerful mobile gaming has become. As such, there is more bingo UK options than ever before so we thought we would analyse whether you should use traditional bingo UK sites or switch to mobile bingo UK sites. Read More


Bingo Cake Recipes for Bingo Lovers

Baking is a popular past time for so many people and there are literally cakes of every theme imaginable available to bake. Most of these recipes can be found online and we understand just how many of our readers enjoy the game of bingo so we thought we would look at some bingo cake recipes and how they can help you make the ultimate bingo-themed cake. Baking is more popular than ever in the UK in 2017 so we thought we would look at bingo cake recipes in more detail and the whereabouts of where you can find these recipes.

Using the Internet to find Bingo Cake Recipes
The Great British Bake Off has inspired a new generation of bakers and there are more and more people of all ages trying out baking for the first time. We have a lot of online and traditional bingo readers here on the site so we thought we would look at where you can find these types of recipes and how they can help you on your way to creating the perfect bingo cake. Bingo cake recipes can be found on various sites across the web and these cakes are fairly niche so extra care should be taken to find the recipe that is right for you.

The bingo cake recipes that you can find online will vary in complexity and the ingredients that are required may be fairly specific to the cake itself. What we mean by this is that some of the items that you will find on a bingo cake may require certain ingredients to make them. Some bingo cakes will have coloured bingo balls displayed on them so naturally, you will probably require various food colourings to make this a reality. Be sure to read the recipe carefully so that you know exactly what ingredients are required.

Bingo Cake Recipes: Where to Locate
Most bingo cake recipes are found online but not really on the standard food websites where you would expect. Of course, you may find the odd recipe on a food website but a lot of these bingo cake recipes are fairly niche so using Google to find them is often a great place to start. Try and locate recipes that have pictures of the completed cake so that you can see how the finished article should look. It can take several attempts to get the cake perfect so don’t worry too much if your first or second attempts are not perfect.

We even found sites that did all the work for you and actually offered bingo cakes for delivery. This will suit those that do not want to follow the bingo cake recipes but still require a bingo-themed cake for the birthday or celebration of a love one or relative. Some of the detail on these types of cakes is fantastic and really reminds you of the game of bingo. However, the fun lies in using bingo cake recipes to create your own cake as this is the most fun.

Overall, bingo cake recipes do exist and the fun lies in finding your ideal recipe and creating your very own bingo cake! These cakes are perfect for a celebration or birthday and some of them are fairly simple to make. Experienced bakers can try out some of the more complex recipes so be sure to use a search engine to find some of the better bingo cake recipes and you can begin finding out for yourself just how fun baking can be. Good luck baking and we hope you have fun.

Poker Online

Blackjack & Poker on Pay by Mobile Casinos

We all love a casino game from time to time but for the newbie or novice, it takes time to find the game that fits your playstyle. Some players enjoy scratch cards, some enjoy bingo and some enjoy slots. Every player is different and the modern casino has to be aware of this to ensure that they can provide the perfect amount of content to players. Pay by mobile casinos are popular choices and so we thought we would look at some of the classic casino games that you can play on these sites. Read More

Mobile Games at the online Casino

How to Play Mobile Casino Slot Games

Even if you are an avid casino player who has played in brick and mortar casinos for many years, it can still be daunting to play at a mobile casino as it can appear to be very different to playing at a physical casino. However, the fact of the matter is that it is actually pretty simple and easy to play mobile casino slot games once you have got the hang of it. Read More

Many pay by phone casino games

Pay by Phone Casino VIP Rewards

Ask any player why they are loyal to one particular pay by phone casino site and they will probably not only list the exciting range of games that are available and the fabulous promotions, but also the VIP rewards that they receive for being a loyal player to the site. Building up loyalty points at a pay by phone casino definitely has its perks, so if you want to make sure that you do not miss out on any more of these fantastic rewards – read on! Read More

Try the pay by phone casino here

Finding the Best Slots on a Pay by Phone Casino

Game Choices: Pay by Phone Casino

You may already have an idea of the types of games that you like to play on pay by phone casino sites which is totally fine. However, there may be players reading this article that are just beginning on their online casino adventure. Finding the best games takes time and is purely down to preference but we thought we would take a look at the types of slots that you can play one certain pay by phone casino sites. Read More