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Hi everybody,

My name is Peter and I’m a journalist. I work primarily as a sports journalist and my focus is European Football and especially the Premier League.

This is my blog where I write about my leisure interests such as gambling, online casinos and slot machines. I have visited a almost every casino in every big city in Europe. If you can name one, I have not visited with a population above 1 million, you win a prize! Write it to me on the contact page, or click this link.

Europe Casinos

Who am I?

Well, as you know I am a journalist and I write sports articles with main focus on football. I am 37 years old and live with my wife and two children in East London. The neighborhood we choose to settle in, is a quiet area with children playing in the local football field (and where I play for fun with my kids as well). As you can imagine, the area is very calm and family friendly.