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Online Bingo

Traditional vs Mobile Bingo UK Sites

In the modern age, online bingo players have more options than ever before and over the last couple of years, mobile gaming has overtaken traditional desktop or console based gaming. This is big news and really emphasises how powerful mobile gaming has become. As such, there is more bingo UK options than ever before so we thought we would analyse whether you should use traditional bingo UK sites or switch to mobile bingo UK sites.

Which Type of Bingo UK Site is right for You?

Mobile bingo UK sites certainly have their own advantages but different players play the game in different ways so it really is a case of how you enjoy playing online bingo. Mobile bingo UK players can enjoy the game from the palm of their hands and there are so many great bingo UK sites that cater to mobile players. You can play from your mobile phone or tablet in most cases and mobile bingo sites can net you the same great jackpots that are available on traditional sites.

Additionally, mobile bingo UK sites also tend to have some great depositing options that are designed specifically for mobile devices. Paying by phone bill or mobile phone are great modern options for making quick and easy deposits. Essentially, you can make deposits and haver the outstanding balance charged to your phone bill. This eliminates the need to use a debit or credit card which will appeal to mobile bingo UK players that are playing games while they are out and about.

However, mobile bingo UK sites will not appeal to everyone and some players should continue to enjoy desktop bingo should they feel that is more suitable. Arguably, desktop bingo offers players more of a comprehensive and classic bingo experience and if you are a player that likes to play a big variety of games then desktop bingo UK sites will probably suit you better than mobile as they have more playable content in a lot of cases.

– Louise, Bingo Manager

Bingo UK: Mixing it Up

We love the integration of modern online bingo sites and some players can easily play both desktop and mobile bingo UK from the one site. Some of the bigger sites will even offer a mobile app which lets players login to their existing desktop bingo account from their mobile device. Additionally, while some sites may not have a mobile app, a lot of them will still be optimised for mobile use meaning that players can still access their accounts from their mobile devices with relative ease.

In general, players should choose a site based on how they like to play the game. The main thing to take away from this article is that most modern bingo UK sites will operate successfully on both mobile and desktop devices meaning that players can play both types of games without having to sign up for two separate accounts. The key is to do your research and find a site that caters to your needs. Happy bingo playing!

What Type of Games Can You Play on Bingo UK Sites?

The bingo UK market is more diverse than ever in the modern age and players are spoilt for choice when it comes to gaming options. However, it can be tricky to understand the bingo UK games market for this same reason. Most bingo UK sites will offer a variety of different bingo games with the aim of appealing to as many different types of customer as possible. If you are unaware of why types of games you can play then fear not as we have all the essential info below.

Online Bingo UK Varieties

There are so many different versions of the game in the modern age but most sites will cater to 3 or 4 types of bingo games to give players plenty of choice. The first bingo UK game that is pretty common is the classic 90 ball version. This is arguably the most popular bingo variant in the world and gives you 3 chances to win in every game. Each card has 15 numbers and these range from 1-90 arranged in 3 lines of 5. If you can complete line 1, line 2 or a full house then you will win a share of the jackpot. A full house usually scoops 50% of the pot!

Another popular bingo UK option is 75 ball bingo. This is for bingo UK players that don’t want to share the jackpot! This proves popular for those that want to win it all and 75 ball has 24 numbers varying from 1 to 75 arranged on a 5X5 square grid with the centre square being “FREE”. Each game has a different pattern that you need to match to achieve a bingo pattern to win the jackpot. This is also a classic and great option for new and old players alike.

More about bingoSometimes bingo UK players do not have the time to play 90 and 75 ball bingo and so some sites will offer the 30 ball bingo version. This bingo UK game is also known as speed bingo and is a tonne of fun. This offers players the chance to play a fast-paced bingo game and these games last just 30 seconds in a lot of cases. We absolutely love this version and often thousands of pounds is given away with very cheap bingo tickets on offer.

Additional Bingo UK Info

Some players have bigger budgets that others so many sites offer free and penny bingo games for those players that are on tighter budgets than others. You can still win real cash playing these bingo UK games which is great as players on all budgets can experience the thrill of playing for real cash. Some sites will even offer rarer types of games such as the 80 ball version. Overall, it’s a case of trying out different games and then playing the ones you enjoy most. We love online bingo as there is plenty of choice so be sure to choose a site that has the game type you enjoy most.